Refrigeracion Verde

Industrial  Air Conditioning  , Ventilation  and  Refrigeration   



Design and Manufacturing of Engineered Equipment

Engineering and  Construction of Systems

Services and Spare Parts





Our business are the processes of Heat Transfer  applied to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration



Our greatest interest are the Heat Exchangers and Components  associated with the Low-Side of the Refrigeration System : Air Handling Units , Refrigeration Units Cooler , Blast Freezers , Evaporators Fluid Coolers , Ice Maker , Crystallizers , Lyophilization Chambers



Evaporators  with more Heat Transfer and lower Pressure Drop
result in a higher Evaporating Temperature
 and thus get the objective working with less Energy




E3DX-30-2 Evaporator





Refrigeración Verde Heat  Exchangers


We manufacture Heat Exchangers and Apparatus for HCFC 22 , HFC 507A , 404A  , 134A y 407C ; special design for 410A , Hydrocarbons , Ammonia and CO2


Water Chiller Evaporators  , Shell and Tube Type

Water Cooler Refrigerant Condensers  , Shell and Tube Type

Compressed Air Dryers , After-Coolers

Biogas and Natural Gas Dryers , Heat Recovery

Oil Separators , Coolers and Filters

Sub-Coolers , Economizers

Evaporative and Atmospheric Fluids Coolers

Baudelot Type Fluids Coolers




Cascade System 5HPx3HP Cond-Evap



24,000 Btu/Hr Lube Oil Cooler





Equipment replacement due to deterioration to improve energy efficiency or to upgrade technology

Refrigeración Verde supplies replacement or replacement heat exchangers for air conditioning and refrigeration equipment and Generation Set

Finned Evaporators and Condensers with copper tubes and aluminum fins
Plates and Shell tube Evaporators and Condensers with removable maintenance lids

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (Drycooler) for High and Low Temperature Systems of Diesel or Gas Engines in Power Plants




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Equipment and Components  associated with the Low-Side of the Refrigeration System manufactured according to specifications of  Refrigeracion Verde


Finned Coil Evaporators

Fluids Coolers Evaporators

Units Cooler and Freezer

Blast Freezer Evaporators

Flake Ice Makers with Evaporator for concrete cooling , industrial processes and marine applications in fish conservation

Crystallizers , Lyophilization Chambers

Baudelot Fluid Coolers

Refrigerant Recirculator Systems


Equipment and Components  associated with the High-Side of the Refrigeration System manufactured according to specifications of  Refrigeracion Verde


Finned Coils Condensers

Water Cooled Condensers

Evaporative Condensers

Cooling Towers

Evaporative Fluids Coolers



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Refrigeración Verde S.A.S.

Barranquilla , Colombia






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