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Refrigeracion Verde

Industrial  Air Conditioning  , Ventilation  and  Refrigeration 



Design and Manufacturing of Engineered Equipment

Engineering and  Construction of Systems

Services and Spare Parts




Crosley Icyball –  Ammonia

Absorption Refrigerator - 1928






Refrigeracion Verde researches and studies Innovative Technologies applied in Refrigeration Systems


Distributed Equipment (Plug-in)connected to a Water Loop where Chilled Water is used in Refrigeration Equipment Condensers

Distributed Equipment with Variable Speed Compressor, 2-Stage Rotary Compressor for CO2

Centralized Units with Open Screw Compressors

Variable Flow System , Refrigerant 404A, 410A, NH3

Air Cooled Water Chillers with NH3 and low refrigerant charge , ideal for integrating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems in Supermarkets






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Refrigeration Engineered  Equipment  Manufacturing


 "Custom Made" Air Conditioning Engineered Equipment according to Customer's requirements , Technical Specifications , Industrial Practices and Local Regulations


Refrigeracion Verde  sells Refrigeration Engineered Equipment for  Temperature and Humidity Control in Industrial , Hospital , Pharmaceutical and Laboratories Applications


Air Coolers & Freezer Units

Equipment designed to Individual Quick Freeze (IQF)

Crystallizers , Freeze Drying Chambers

Cooling with the Absorption Cycle using Ammonia as Refrigerant

Refrigeration Systems for Supermarkets and Refrigerated Storage Facilities to replace problematic centralized systems (Racks) with more than three compressors, extensive pipeline networks and astronomical quantities of refrigerant :

Distributed Equipment (Plug-in) connected to a Water Loop

Distributed Equipment with Variable Speed Compressor

Centralized Units with Open Screw Compressors

Equipment for Humidity Control in Supermarkets with condensation problems





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Evaporators with higher Heat Transfer and lower Pressure Loss
result in Systems working with higher Evaporation Temperature and therefore higher Cooling Capacity




J&E Hall Single-Screw Rotor



We offer Compressor Units and Water Chillers with J&E Hall Screw Compressors for Designs & Specifications by  Refrigeracion Verde  , Agent of J&E Hall International


J&E Hall HSS model with VVR.jpg


New range of HallScrew compressors with Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) and Variable Volume Ratio (VVR) . Four versions of the compressors are available with/without an integral oil separator HSS/HSV and with / without an integral variable frequency drive included


For further illustration, we invite you to watch the video J&E  HALL'S  HALLSCREW  SINGLE SCREW  COMPRESSORS



J&E Hall HSO 2000 Unit.jpg

J&E Hall International Screw Compressor Unit


J&E Hall New-Generation Compressors.jpg

New-Generation HSO 4200 , 5200 and 6200 Series , CW Rotation




Bitzer Twin-Screw.jpg

Bitzer Twin-Screw Rotors



By customer requirements we offer Equipments manufactured with Bitzer Piston or Screw Compressor by Refrigeracion Verde  Designs & Specifications



We offer 2-Stage Bitzer  Piston Compressors for Ammonia prepared by  Refrigeracion Verde



Bitzer Pack IIAR 2017 01.jpg

Bitzer Ammonia Parallel Compressors







Refrigeracion Verde  proposes innovative technologies for the Water Cooling and Ice Production for applications in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems


Thermal Storage Systems (TES) with Liquid Ice (Fluid)

Air Cooled Ammonia Water Chillers , low refrigerant charge , suitable to integrate Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems in Supermarkets

Flake Ice Makers for Fishery Applications


Engineered  Equipment  Manufacturing


Refrigeracion Verde  sells Special Refrigeration Equipment for Water Cooling and Ice Production for Commercial and Industrial Processes


Refrigeracion Verde  Ammonia Water Chillers from 26 to 81 TR

Single Screw Compressor, Variable Speed

Low Ammonia load

Air Condensation

Refrigeración Verde Water Chillers with Screw Compressor driven by Natural Gas Engine , Air or Water cooled . . .

Variable Speed Engine according to Water Temperature

The best option when additional Hot Water is required , such as in Hospitals and Hotels

A wise choice due to the high cost or the difficult access of electrical energy



RVS Plate & Frame Chiller Packages.jpg

RVS Plates Cooler Package






Coolselector 2 , Danfoss , Program for component selection and sizing of pipes of Refrigeration Systems


CoolPack , IPU ( DTU ) , Simulation Program to Refrigeration Systems


Simple One-Stage CO2 , IPU (DTU) , Simulation Program of Transcritical  Cycles


FrigoSim , FrigoSoft , Program for Design and Simulation of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems




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Simulation Program to Refrigeration Systems



Literature of Interest


Automatic Controls for Industrial Refrigeration Systems, Danfoss


Handbook for Refrigerant Applications , Swep


Ammonia Absorption Plants , Colibri





Refrigeracion Verde S.A.S.

Barranquilla , Colombia







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